Why TEA?

Why TEA?

Throughout history, the bitter flavors of tea have been sipped on social occasions as a fashionable replacement for alcohol.

spirits Distilled from Tea

Using craft distillation techniques we transform this simple plant into and alcohol-free spirit worthy of a craft cocktail.

Step one

The Heating

Super heated steam is pressurized and forced into a basket containing a proprietary blend of natural tea leaves.

Step Two

The Essence

The super heated steam extracts congeners from the tea.

Step Three

The Spirit

Steam is rapidly cooled and condensed into alcohol-free spirit

Step four

The Cocktail

Using our SPIRITS DISTILLED FROM TEA as a base, we add all natural ingredients for the perfectly balanced cocktail.

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Mindful Mule presented with a cocktail cup containing ice and lime on a chopping board

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Award winning cocktails

Spirity Cocktails are the first ever non-alcoholic cocktails to be awarded by the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.... in the ALCOHOLIC Ready to Drink Catagory!

Spirity Cocktail's founder, Eric Knight, sat on a sofa

our mission

Rethinking the adult social occasion®

“In 2018, I got sober. Sobriety for me was about much more than abstaining from alcohol - it was about choosing to engage with life differently and on a new level. After several months of living alcohol-free, I realized that the absense of alcohol returned a sense of vigor to my life. I found balance. I discovered a new life purpose.”

Eric Knight, Master Distiller